About being bullied

My message to my sons

Dean Loh
1 min readMar 27, 2024

By the time you boys read this, you are probably big enough to protect yourselves from bullies. But there are different kinds of bullies: some verbal, some physical, and the worst kind — mental.

If you ever happen to run into one, doesn’t matter which type. Remember this: If you can run away, run. There is no shame in saving yourself from unnecessary pains.

But if you can’t run away, and your life is in danger, fight back with all your might! I have always said this to you boys — there are no good people and bad people, there are only people who chose to do good or bad. Fighting back may mean hurting the bullies, but you fight back because you have to protect yourself. At the end of the day, it’s either them or you on the ground — I’d rather it be them. I’m giving you my permission to give them hell!

When you have to choose to do bad in order to be good, go ahead and choose bad!

P/s: If you don’t fight back, I will. And it will be nasty!

Also watch this https://fb.watch/r3efnI982_/



Dean Loh

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