Do or do not. There is no try.

My message to my sons

When someone tasks you to do something, that someone either does not have the know-how, incapable, no time, or simply too lazy to do it him/herself. Whether you will be rewarded to do it, you still have one thing to gain, it’s invisible, cannot be measured, and it’s called “Trust”.

“Trust” takes a long time, it’s hard to earn, but easy to lose.

So be glad when people make you do things. It means people are trying to gain trust on you, or they already trust you. So you owe it to people to do what you are tasked to do properly.

There are some kind of people who make you do things not because they trust you, but they want to prove that you can’t do it, so they can laugh at you when you fail. With people like them, all the more you want to put in your best and do it with honor. If you fail anyway, you fail with honor. But if you succeed, make sure those people see it, then leave them and don’t do anything for them anymore!



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Dean Loh

Dean Loh


I’m using this space for jotting down my messages for my sons, for them to read when I’m gone.