No one has ever lost at the finishing line

My message to my sons

Dean Loh
Nov 3, 2020

No one has ever lost at the finishing line. The losers usually lost it half way through, or never started at all.

For my jump rope routines, I will always do at least 2 to 3 sets. First set is usually harder and trying, mainly because my body is still warming up and trying to get to the rhythm. I would like to akin this many things we do in life, whether we are trying to learn some new skills, or trying to get better at our study or job, the starting will always be harder, we will be tempted to quit. Here’s the thing, as long as we continue to try, we will not lose. We lose the moment we decide to quit.

Dean Loh

I’m using this space for jotting down my messages for my sons, for them to read when I’m gone.